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60K at the Fourth Annual Outsourcing Conference and Innovation Technology & Sourcing Awards 2017


Following the success of the past three events in Sofia, the fourth Annual Outsourcing Conference will be hosted in Burgas, a city which the organizers describe as the fastest developing city in Bulgaria.


The conference will focus on the topic how the repetitive tasks that now relegated to business process outsourcing are getting competition from robotic process automation (RPA).


The event will host Bulgaria’s most important gathering of outsourcing sector’s leaders, CEOs, C-level and senior executives, along with 60K’s Business Development Team – Mr. Nigel Kentish and Miss Mariya Toshkova.


In the evening, after the conference on the 16th June, the Innovation Technology & Sourcing Awards 2017 will take place. This is the second year in which The Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA) and the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM) will honor the efforts of Bulgarian sector companies, investors and local governments for leading best practice and business excellence, and for creating favorable business environment for the growth of the sourcing and technology industry in Bulgaria.


We from 60K are delighted to announce that this year we are competing in the category Outsourcing service provider of the year.

We believe our company has done a great job so far by investing in our people, our clients and their clients. This makes us an extremely strong competition for the award, but we wish success to all of the companies and investors. And let the best win!



More about the conference:

Defining the future resilient business models is one of the main goals in the Fourth Annual Outsourcing Conference.

From factories and warehouses to the emergency room and finance office, the demand for reliability and productivity has led to increasing adoption and application of automation.

Important discussions for the BPO industry like what are the possible scenarios for its development? Are we witnessing just an evolution stage or the business will soon be radically reshaped to enter the RPA age? Should we look for new names for the business we do, our operating models and the human role in the processes?

Vital for businesses in Bulgaria are questions like whether the state will be able to sustain the innovation in ICT flourishing period long enough to attract attention not only from Western European Countries, but also globally, will the country be able to lead the way in the further automation of business processes and set global trends.

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