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Birthday party at the pool


[Larry 60K] Thanks for choosing to chat! My name is Larry and I will be happy to help with choosing your next party destination!


[Visitor] Hi Larry, I’m Percy and was wondering if you can recommend any good places for a poolside celebration.


[Larry 60K] Hello Percy! You have come to the right place as all of our parties are just great! Are you after something lively for a big group of people?


[Visitor] Yeah, my friends and I want to unwind after a long week at work – we’re all colleagues and want to go for a team building sort of thing! Can you help with that?


[Larry 60K] Certainly! We have the perfect option for you – it is already expert-tested as we, the Thomas Cook chat team, recently visited this fantastic place in Sofia and more than 100 people left with some great memories.


[Visitor] Sounds good, and can they cater for special occasions though as one of us is having her birthday when we want to go?


[Larry 60K] Ah what a lovely way to celebrate! They most certainly can as ours was for the 6th anniversary of the Thomas Cook project. The pool, the food, the drinks – all was perfectly organised for us to have an enjoyable evening. As we’re used to offering amazing service, the one we received met our expectations completely which was impressive.


[Visitor] What’s the water like though? I’m afraid it might be too cold for some of the people – we will be partying till late I suppose!


[Larry 60K] Not to worry as I am a chilly person myself and was the last one to get out of the water! It’s perfectly climatised.


[Visitor] Brilliant, will keep it in mind! Thanks Larry, have a lovely day!


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