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Tips for choosing an outsourcing partner

Whilst outsourcing can definitely save you money, especially in the short term and hence looks like a very attractive proposition, it can be a real disaster if the partner you choose, doesn’t meet the requirements that you originally specified, or, expected!


Outsourcing isn’t just a question of saving money, it should also lead to improved performance and improvements in Customer Service and your Customer’s Experience!  By outsourcing your non-core activities to an expert in the field, who is experienced in providing high quality service in a number of vertical markets, you can safely and confidently concentrate on developing and expanding your business without fear of losing control.  The other benefit for working with an Outsourcing Partner that covers multiple vertical markets, is that they can share best practices with you based upon their experiences of working within other markets to your own and this gives you access to consider whether certain initiatives, or, processes carried out within another sector could be replicated, or, applicable to the one you serve.


So to assist you in your endeavours, I would like to remind you of 6 essential tips you may wish to consider when choosing an outsource partner: 

1. Make sure your provider is PCI or HIPAA compliant. There are various certifications in this day and age but focusing on the most important ones can be one way to effectively verify the provider’s standards of operation. As long as your provider is compliant and can prove it with a PCI, SAQ form you should be on the right path. Make sure it’s the V3 version.


2. The biggest is not necessarily the best. Make sure you choose the right size company for you. The largest providers are not necessarily the best, especially in the contact centre industry; if you are outsourcing between 5 – 300 staff positions it may be better to choose a midsize organization. A large provider can have up to 200,000 employees and your business may not be given the focus or the priority that it deserves. If you are outsourcing 5 to 300 agents for example, finding BPO companies that might have between 1000 – 2,500 staff members could be a very important; if not the most important, decision you could make as you should get greater importance placed on your business, as your contribution to the Outsourcer’s bottom line will demand the attention and importance that you rightfully deserve.  A recommendation here is to make sure your provider has multiple customers and no one customer represents more than 30% of their revenues.



3. Ensure that the outsourcer’s customers are well known as you can be sure that customers such as these will have done their homework and due diligence to ensure that they are working with a true and trusted partner.  Never be afraid to ask for your outsourcer if they can put you in touch with a customer, or, two with a view to obtaining a reference.


4. If you are offshoring for additional savings, seriously consider going nearshore. Nearshoring is picking up very fast and there is a big reason, for example: if looking for English language support, most staff learned their English while living in the US and the UK this makes nearshore countries have a big percentage of the population that speaks fluent or near native English.  Differently from providers based in the Philippines, India and other parts around the world where the only exposure they may have had is TV commercials and movies.  Add to that, some nearshore countries have a fully Eurozone economy and all the European brands are a part of the local commerce and because of proximity (an incredible advantage at just 2.5 to 3 hours from all major European capitals) to neighbouring European countries access to major European languages is most certainly easier should you wish to expand your brand, or, footprint.


5. Work environment is key. BPO providers in the majority of Europe can experience a 90% – 110% attrition rate. Nearshore providers may typically only deal with 20% – 55% and Asia between 55% - 90%. Considering these statistics; attrition rates throughout the industry have been known to be high and the only way to get around this matter is having an incredible company culture, and hiring staff that not only are hardworking and process oriented but with extremely good human/people skills. Make sure your provider of choice guarantees constant communication and an integral training certification process. We have found that Investors in people works very well.


6. Facilities. There are thousands of ‘garage’, or, ‘warehouse’ operations call centres claiming they are bigger than they actually are. If you cannot have an onsite visit, it is recommended to always ask for pictures and if possible a video tour of the office and its facilities. Also make sure you ask the right questions: How many seats are available? How many are staffed? What do they provide for staff? Restaurant, gym, games room, break out areas for relaxation, transport to and from the premises etc. and make sure everything adds up.  In other words, does what’s provided by your Outsourcing partner match with what you offer, or, would like to offer your employees?


Needless to say 60K meets all of these requirements, so if you would like to find out more please feel free to drop us an e-mail or call us.