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Company Strategy:

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Company Culture


Company culture

Sixty K’s culture is simple, we focus on providing Legendary Customer Service.  We do this through our people, we only recruit the best, we ensure that they have the right personal characteristics to “fit in” at 60K and with the cultures of our Clients.



In essence, our staff see themselves as an integral part of our Clients’ organisations and always act on our Clients’ behalves, ensuring seamless operation, dedication to our Clients’ customers needs and taking the initiative to be proactive wherever possible.


We encourage progression, education, self improvement and our management team that is 90% “Home Grown” are specifically trained to guide and support our staff in succeeding both in their professional and personal lives.


To ensure that our culture is maintained, we have what we call a continuous “Gardening Process” where we constantly monitor, review performance, coach and develop our staff so that they always demonstrate the behavior required for the success of our Clients’ businesses.