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Technical Support

Customer support

Extreme competition in today's Markets has reinforced the need of businesses providing the best customer support possible. Catering to customers’ needs, complaints and queries are one facet of client support, but in the technological environment in which we live today companies must concentrate on the technical problems that often originate with the products and services being provided. Technical Support has become the lifeblood for many companies and therefore needs special attention if they are to succeed in the war with their competitors.

Technical support requires a professional team of people, working 24x7 delivering high value support to customers. 60K use state-of-the-art technology and systems incorporating the latest CRM technologies and processes to present industry leading technological support to our clients’ customers.

Most importantly for success, our technical support staff are highly trained not only in the technical intricacies required to help customers experiencing technical difficulties but in the soft skills required to deal with customers and this in turn increases the use, and satisfaction of customers with our clients' products and services.

Our Help Desks give technical and non-technical assistance with products. 60K is fully equipped with the experts, technology and the quality essential for customer care and help desk services. Our customer relationship methodologies are suitable to all aspects of operations, people, and technology. At 60K we offer services that can retain the best quality levels at all times and are matched to each Client’s requirements and their products and services. For Help Desks we ensure essential information is obtained and distributed in an efficient and effective manner, and that first time resolution of problems is a priority.



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