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By putting our people first, they will strive for excellence in providing services for internal customers (their... Read more


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"Since the start of our partnership, 60K has always been committed to going above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers and community. They provide service for us via email, phone and chat and are able to do so currently in 11 languages which is vital for us.


They really know how to represent our brand. If you asked one of the Customer Care Representatives at 60K who they work for, they’d say Zumba®!


Our relationship has evolved so that we have an excellent feedback loop for constant communication and improvement. We focus not only on maintaining high levels of service, but also on achieving long-term business goals.  


60K has been flexible and responsive to our unique business needs. We no longer feel like a client; it has evolved into a true partnership."


Angela Villegas-Judd

Customer Care Operations Manager 

Zumba Fitness, LLC